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That face says it all, “Thank you for saving me from the hot desert!” Griffin was found wondering around in Tonopah among
other dogs that volunteers were trying to save from the elements. Obviously owned by no one, Griffin did not come willingly as
he was a little fearful of what all these people wanted. But, with much diligence and determination, volunteers caught Griffin
and he soon found that a comfortable environment, food, water and love were in his immediate future.

Griffin is about 2 1/2 years old, neutered with a fuzzy black muzzle ready for kisses. He is doing well on this lead training.  This
was a new experience for him when he first came to us, but he has done so well with his training.  He is still really shy with
people but warms up quite nicely now. Griffin needs a patient new owner who understands he needs to earn your trust.

If you are interested in meeting Griffin who is an AWESOME dog, please go to our website at www.azpawsandclaws.com and
fill out an Adoption Interest Application. For more information, please emailpet911@azpawsandclaws.com .

Thank you for showing Griffin he is not alone in this world and THANK YOU FOR RESCUING!

AZ Paws and Claws is currently having to board Griffin.  We need to be able to pay for Griffin's boarding and care. This all
costs money. Griffin deserves his shot at a great life. Although his care at Pals Inn is outstanding, he needs a home.  
If you
are interesting in donating to a great cause, please use the following link to donate directly to Griffin’s boarding
and care until we find him his forever home:  
GoFundGriffin.  Thank you!