I UNDERSTAND that if I must give up the pet, I will contact Paws & Claws Pet Fostering and make arrangement to return said pet directly to us.  I agree that I may not take the pet to a shelter or "give" the pet or adopt the pet to anyone that has not been preapproved by Paws & Claws Pet Fostering.
Applicants(s) Names:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Pet(s) you are interested in adopting:
What makes you want to adopt a pet at this time?
If a purebred, have you researched on a specific breed? 
Do you own your own home?
Please tell us about the pets you currently have, and if male or female.
Do you have a secure yard with a fence or wall?
How tall is fence or wall?
Is the gate locked?
Will the pet live indoors, outdoors or both?
Where will the pet be during the heat of the day while you are at work?
Do you currently have a "pet" door?
If no "pet" door, are you planning on having one installed?
How many hours per day will the pet be left alone?
Have you previously owned and cared for a pet(s)?
Have you ever given up a pet to a shelter?
If YES, for what reason?
Have you ever been to an obedience training class?
If YES, where?
Are you willing to take a class for undesirable behavior if needed?
Will you commit your home to this pet for their lifetime, despite changes in your life, such as moving, having a baby, getting married or divorced?
Will you agree to contact this rescue should any problems arise and not under any circumstance turn this pet into a shelter (we always want our pets to come back to us)
Veterinarian name:
Vet Phone:
Reference #1
Reference #2
Thank you for answering all our questions that ensure the safety of our pets!
To Navigate through form use the TAB button (the Enter key will submit the form) Thank you!
Please answer the following below after reading each statement.
Who lives in your household? List names and ages of all people.
Are all Family members in agreement in adopting a pet?
If "No", does Landlord approve of pets?
Where will the pet sleep?
I UNDERSTAND that Paws & Claws Pet Fostering has done it's best to assess the pet's temperament and health, but cannot guarantee that the pet will not develop behavior or health problems in the future.
I AGREE NOT TO HOLD Paws & Claws Pet Fostering liable for any damage to persons or property.
I AGREE to keep an I.D. Tag on the pet's collar at all times.  If I move, I will update the tag and microchip's information.
I UNDERSTAND that by adopting this pet, I am agreeing to provide a permanent home for the pet's lifetime.  I also agree to maintain appropriate and necessary health care in the form of veterinarian visits.
I AGREE that if I am unable to provide a permanent home or provide care for the pet that I will contact Paws & Claws Pet Fostering immediately.
I AGREE that a representative of Paws & Claws Pet Fostering may perform a home check prior to adoption.
I AGREE the adoption fee is non-refundable.
There is room for your text, it will scroll left as you type.
Paws & Claws Pet Fostering
Adoption Application / Agreement
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